Tenis Pineda

TENIS PINEDA GAVÀ is a sports space dedicated exclusively to racquet sports: TENNIS, SQUASH, FRONTENIS and PÁDEL.

It was founded in 1967 by Gonzalo Farrés who, after a few years, partnered with Joan Ivern to expand the facilities and continue the initial sports project, leader at that time, to offer a service to the general public of rental of tennis courts.

And today, they are still faithful to this philosophy: you do not have to become a member or pay any regular fee and you can reserve the tracks you want, for the hours you want and with any advance, with the security of knowing the exact time the tennis, squash, frontenis or padel courts may be occupied. Reservations can be made by phone, email, Internet or in person.

For those who want to start in the sport of tennis or improve their level, TENIS PINEDA has coaches and monitors and children there is a nursery school that organizes two courses during the year: one, from September to June and the other in the summer months.

And for players who do not usually have an opponent or wish to compete, TENIS PINEDA organizes a tennis league: find your level of play and sign up; This year more than one hundred players participate in different categories. To complement your offer, at TENIS PINEDA GAVÀ you can rent or buy rackets, balls, shoes and various sports equipment; and also has a quick service of string placement.

The easy accessibility to the facilities of the TENIS PINEDA GAVÀ has been decisive for its tracks to have been chosen.

Tenis Pineda Gavà is located 15 minutes from Barcelona and 8 minutes from the Airport, is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the South and in the North with all the massif of the Garraf, peaceful place to play Tennis, Padel, Fronton or Squash, with a temperature that oscillates from 11ºC in winter to 30ºC in summer.

In addition to having twelve fantastic clay tennis courts and three paddle courts, we have a huge community.

With more than 50 years of experience we have a wide selection to play tennis or padel. You can personalize yourself in our club, or you can become a member of the different groups that we have in Whattsap, both for padel and for tennis.

All our clients know each other, and have become friends after years of playing matches and participating in competitions together.

They love to welcome new people! Besides, it’s not just about playing or competing (although there are plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the year!); Our clients are also friends off the track.